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7/21/2016 Melco  Group International,  Inc. 

We are soliciting your help & comments with the following VGM SOLAS enhancement being incorporated in OASIS & oasis-web.

A. We have added in OASIS [ Apre-production BUT not ready for release currently] the following new Fields in the Equipment / Container Record:

  • Tare Lbs / Tare Kgs 

Additionally in oasis-web a [pre-production] menu item under Transactions => Booking Solas VGM has been designed. It filters only Ocean Transactions.

  1. Once OASIS Site updated with (A) above [could be OASIS r2016.08] to be determined clients would enter all appropriate information.
  2. In order to take advantage of this and other existing and future features you would need access to the oasis-web module. [Clients that have existing shipment tracking would have access by default.]
  3. Clients adding oasis-web would require (A) update above, several small quick settings in OASIS Maintenance and activation of WebServices all handled by Melco staff.
  4. Data seeding [transactions from OASIS to oasis-web] could take about 24 hours or so  thus we suggest that data seeding start in the evenings whenever possible.
  5. OASIS Admin would be provided with initial login / password and a series (3) automated training emails & tutorial links.

B. Methodology

  1. Shipment data is entered in OASIS filling in required information
  2. Data is automatically transfered to oasis-web
  3. Client gains access in oasis-web to correct transaction.and previews for accuracy.
  4. Few Edit fields are made available. If errors found, data is corrected in OASIS and again within seconds / minutes udpated in oasis-web for access
  5. VGM Solas form then can be exported to MS Word, routed to office local printer or create PDF (also via office local PDF print driver) 
  6. Form then can be faxed / emailed to trucker, shipper, appropriate party email and eventually when filled in etc to carrier.
C. Your Comments on following
  1. Are we making form too complicated meaning bottom fifth of form Verification signatures, traffic contacts etc?
  2. what is correct methodology to your knowledge understanding  on how form is returned?
  3. any critical information we have not included in the proposed format?

Sample VGM Solas Pdf

OCEMA and Six East & Gulf Coast Ports

6/23/2016 Melco  Group International,  Inc. automated email information release to all OASIS client sites

TO : OASIS Sites
FM :
Ref: OCEMA and Six East & Gulf Coast Ports To Develop Common Terminal Weighing Approach to VGM Posted on: June 15, 2016 

"Washington, D.C.– The 19 ocean carrier members of the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (“OCEMA”) have joined with six major East and Gulf coast ports, including the South Carolina Ports Authority, Georgia Ports Authority, North Carolina State Ports Authority, the Port of Houston Authority, The Port of Virginia, and the Massachusetts Port Authority, to develop a common streamlined “Terminal Weighing Approach” to providing verified gross mass (“VGM”) at port locations. OCEMA and the Ports have filed an agreement with the Federal Maritime Commission with regard to the cooperative effort."

Full link on information link:


Inttra eVGM / CargoSmart VGM

04/21/2016 Melco  Group International,  Inc. automated email information release to all OASIS client sites

On April 12th we sent out an email with a link to a JOC news article dealing with INTTRA eVGM and CargoSmart VGM platform solution.

We have received multiple emails commenting on these initiatives. Subsequently we made contact with our INTTRA contacts trying to determine just exactly it is our clients would or us as a software development company could do to be part of this effort.

Inttra eVGM / CargoSmart VGM

CargoSmart gets on the electronic VGM solution platform

Greg Knowler, Senior Asia Editor | Apr 12, 2016 6:04AM EDT

04/12/2016  Melco  Group International,  Inc. automated email information release to all OASIS client sites dealing with SOLAS information 


SOLAS & ACE information from JOC

01/27/2016 Melco  Group International,  Inc. automated email information release to all OASIS client sites.

JOC Article Dealing wih SOLAS issues.

Joc Article Links

The SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

11/11/2015 Melco  Group International,  Inc. automated email information release to all OASIS client sites dealing with SOLAS information 

Solas 11/11/2015 Pdf