OASIS ENTERPRISE - HQ to multiple office integration

NOTE: Multiple Site Control module is optional and is licensed as an OASIS ENTERPRISE system. We are fortunate to have several client sites with multiple offices. Many of these clients have been operating their various offices with individual OASIS systems installed in multiple states and some even in different continents such as South America & Europe. Also several clients may have an agent or small “one person” office located elsewhere, and this concept is perfectly suited for those situations.

Billing and the transfer of financial data however has always been centralized @ the HQ or main office. In the past this resulted in having to utilize communications software such as PCAnywhere to transfer the invoice information in order to be able to process their accounting. A further complicating factor has always been that if information was being processed for one client but from different locations, it was next to impossible to provide a consolidated “traffic status report” or even being able to offer “tracking” on a system wide basis. OASIS ENTERPRISE allows “one” centralized HQ office to operate multiple branches from “one” centralized office unifying all Corporate information on one Server.

How It Works
Beginning with OASIS r99.09 OASIS implemented access to <Maintenance>, then <System Information> and if this option has been purchased and the OASIS site licensed for it’s implementation the definition by an HQ office (usually 001 or MIA) and the necessary branch offices (002, 003… etc.) required by \ for your organization. The address and contact information for each individual office or branch is then defined.

OASIS will stamp each logged in “Branch’s Data” with a unique identifier ( 001, 002, 003…) at the beginning of each transaction. As an example, location 002 Atlanta, GA will not be able to see or retrieve information for location 003 Los Angeles, CA, as each branch has a filter based on their unique three digit code. However personnel with an OASIS “Supervisor” clearance may view individual or consolidated branch information if desired.

Each individual branch’s address information is appropriately stamped and formatted for OASIS generated Laser documentation for their location. Since the data is stored in one location (usually the HQ office) simplifying data management, data backups, security and system control are achieved with greater ease and confidence. 

OASIS ENTERPRISE client remote sites usually are connected to the HQ network via VPN or RDP 'Remote Desktop Protocol' Connection.

Warehouse Module

Provides an efficient platform for managing the movement of cargo from the  shipper/supplier delivery to warehouse, to storage placement & finally to  accurate departure from premises with appropriate paperwork.

  • Incoming cargo can be either manually or auto sequentially assigned an identifying Material Receipt (W/R) number

  • Cargo is easily categorized & identified by Destination

  • Creating/printing a Load Guide assures that warehouse staff will pick & select correct cargo to match shipment reference & the system will automatically adjust inventory count

  • a warehouse receipt can accomodate an attached digital photo(s) of  cargo and a consignee can be automatically tagged for an email notification  ofimpending cargo departure

  • operations staff can 'retrieve warehouse items' at the booking transaction level & those removed items will be automatically adjusted in the inventory count & color displayed as selected for inventory removal in the Warehouse receipt screen

  • 3 detailed Report options provide basis for studying/evaluating daily & long-term warehouse operations

  • module can also operate on a 'standalone' basis for the purpose of segregating warehouse operations as a separate profit center entity by  having capability of issuing Warehouse services Invoices.

New Feature -  Bar Code Scanning of incoming MR (Material Receipt Cargo) and LG (Load Guide) scanning of outbound cargo.

Label Setup, Bar Code samples...

Shipper Export Declarations via ACE

This section will show you how to process ACE - AES 'Automated Export System' Shipper Export Declarations via the Internet through OASIS

  1. OASIS utilizes the "Batch Processing Method." That is, that all transactions ( whether just one or many )  entered and processed through OASIS on the ACE - AES tab are appended to one specific file named "ACE_X12_601.EDI".
  2. When accessing the ACE Portal at https://ace.cbp.dhs.gov/ and invoking the batch process, the operator merely selects the X12_601.EDI OASIS file from your system. This file MUST be located at the root of where OASIS5 is located on your computer \ network. Usually \OASIS5\ {data}...
  3. As transactions are processed, OASIS appends or writes transactions sequentially to this file {X12_601.EDI}. When submissions are then made or processed, OASIS writes this file to the AES/ACE site. All reporting functions of the AES system are made in real-time and only through their site.
  4. OASIS does not provide nor duplicates reporting functions already made available through AESDirect.                                

Just a few simple modifications convert the Legacy AES/EDI in pre-Oasis 2016.01 to fully compliant ACE/AES/EDI:

  • The USPPI & Forwarder records in Rolodex should now contain 11 digits ( last 2 digits can be 2 zeroes - 00 ).
  • License Codes File to change ID Code C33 to read NLR ( NOT NLR all others) 
  • When copying a previous transaction (Model Shipment)  MAKE SURE to RE-ACCESS  License Code to make correction.
  • Click on new 'Send ACE' icon.
  • the procedural steps outlined in our Tutorial provide a strong step-by-step guideline for the ACE portal AES/EDI submission.... 

Naturally you would have already processed your Transaction Profile screen where you selected your Shipper, Consignee, entered your raw data pertaining to your shipment and assigned your File Reference number. Once these steps have been completed, you would then press the [Document/Billing] button. 

Ocean NVOCC & Air Consolidation Module

Ocean NVOCC & Air Consolidation Module - These modules may be purchased individually. 

  • Multiple search, sort and retrieval options allow you to quickly access transactions.
  • Produces HBL \ HAWB documentation and allows for these transactions to be attached to Master B/L and or AWB’s. 
  • House transactions may be rated utilizing the OASIS consolidation tarif module. 
  • Produces Cargo Manifest and Revenue \ Agents Commissions. 
  • oasis-web cloud and 24/7 cargo tracking ready...


Many Oasis sites are already somewhat familiar with electronic transmissions submission of bills of lading through INTTRA to selected steamship lines.

The INTTRA current EDI 304 message that submits the B/L from Oasis to INTTRA then to the steamship line(s) is being decomissioned in 2015 & MelcoGroup has already migratef & updated the functionality to the similar XML protocols.

INTTRA Test Scenarios
The Xml process & testing environment has been more thorough and demanding. Countless software programming sessions, coding, testing, submissions and corrections had to be performed prior to being able to move to the next testing scenario. All seven distinct test are mandated prior to being confirmed and allowed to go into production. The following detail the various shipment variances.

1.  One Container/One good - Port to Port (PP) - All Possible Parties - Freight Collect
  • 1 X 20' Standard Container
  • PP (Inform only port of loading and port of discharge)
  • Freight Collect
  • Inform all possible parties of the shipment (2nd Notify, Freight Forwarder, Exporter, Etc)
  • BL Type - Seaway
  • Scenario 1 Completed:
2.  One Container / Multiple Goods - Door to Door (DD) - HAZMAT (Dangerous Cargo)
  • Ex: Good 1 -> In Container 1 / Good 2 -> In Container 1 / Good 3 -> In Container 1
  • DD ( Inform Ports of Loading & Discharge + Place of Receipt & Delivery)
  • 1 X 40' Standard Container
  • 2- BL Type - Original/Copy
  • Add dangerous cargo details in the cargo description loop and container level, as comments.
  • Scenario 2 Completed:
3.  Multiple Containers / One Good - Port to Port (PP)- All Possible References - Freight Prepaid
  • Multiple Containers + Multiple Container Types
  • Ex: Good 1 -> In Container 1 / Good 1 -> In Container 2 / Good 1 -> In Container 3
  • Freight Prepaid
  • PP ( Inform Ports of Loading & Discharge + Place of Receipt & Delivery)
  • Provide all possible references (According with the Implementation Guide)
  • Scenario 3 Completed:
4.  Multiple Containers / Multiple Goods where goods are NOT split across multiple containers.
  • Multiple Containers, any type
  • Ex1: Good 1 -> In Container 1 (Multiple goods in 1 container, but 1 good not split across)/ Good 2 -> In Container 1 / Good 3 -> In Container 2 / Good 4 -> In Container 3
  • Ex2: Good 1 -> In Container 1 One good per container) / Good 2 -> In Container 2 / Good 3 -> In Container 3
  • Scenario 4 Completed:
5.  Multiple Containers / Multiple Goods where there are mixed goods in a container - REEFER
  • Multiple Containers - ALL Reefer Containers with Temperature Settings
  • Ex: Good 1 -> In Container 1 / Good 2 -> In Container 1 & 2 / Good 3 -> In Container 2 & 3 / Good 4 -> In Container 4
  • Scenario 5 Completed:
6.  One Container/One good with Inner Package Details - Marks and Numbers
  • 1 x Container any type
  • Comments in the Remarks Field
  • Inner package details
  • Comments in the Clauses Field
  • Marks and Numbers
  • Scenario 6 Completed:
7.  Multiple Containers / One Good with Inner/Inner packaging details
  • Multiple Containers any type
  • Only one good
  • Inner/Inner Packaging Details
  • Scenario 7 Completed:
  • 8. Amendment
  • 1- Amend test scenario # 3 to Door to Door and Freight Collect

We encourage ALL of our primarily Ocean cargo forwarding sites (no matter the size or scope of your operations), to become mentally prepared for the eventuality of steamship line required electronic B/L submissions.

Don't get caught with your head in the 'paperless' sand ! Those operations that are prepared for these future-driven technology advancements will not have to play catch-up at the last minute. 

Inbound De Consolidation

Inbound De Consolidation - This module in essence allows for Consolidations processed overseas to be split and segregated by consignee. Several retrieval & search options i.e.: 

  • Agent reference
  • MAWB, MOBL, AWB etc.
provide quick access to information retrieval. This module produces a

  • combo Arrival Notice & Invoice
  • Authority to Make Entry
  • Letter of Instructions
  • Cargo Release
  • Delivery Order
  • oasis-web cloud and 24/7 cargo tracking ready...

DomAir ‘Domestic Air’ Module

DomAir ‘Domestic Air’ Module - The tracking management system allows for the entering of "domestic" transactions which may be tracked by

  • Pickup
  • HAWB and Master AWB
Details such as various
  • "Charges" Pre-Paid
  • Collect
  • 3rd Party
  • Origin & Destination points
  • Ready Date
  • Ready Time
  • Close Time
  • ETD, ETA
  • Service Types
and more may be profiled in user friendly input screens. A very "cool" function is the Daily Processing / Tracking function which refreshes transactions every 60 seconds system wide allowing a system supervisor to visualize and monitor "work flow". There is no other system like ours! oasis-web cloud and 24/7 cargo tracking ready...


AccountEx ‘Integrated G/L, A/P, A/R C/R Module’ - Everything you need to keep track of

  •  billing / receivables
  • vendor payments
  • bank statement reconciliation and 
  • financial reporting 
is included in our accounting package! Invoices generated from OASIS may be automatically linked to AccountEx avoiding costly repetitive daily entry of financial information. Avoid re-keying typos and mistakes. Speed up cash flow. Control expenses with budgeting controls. On demand P/L, B/S, O/S and more… 

oasis-web - Cloud Component

oasis-web is the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System' web based,  Internet driven, SQL application. oasis-web is designed to operate in the  "Cloud" as an ancillary service to the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping  Information System".

It is an Integrated Logistics module web-e-fying the already extensive  OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System" integrated software suite.  In order to run oasis-web OASIS customers will require an OASIS update  above OASIS r2016.04 as the original control modules have been redesigned  and are now more accessible system wide.

oasis-web requires no extra hardware or SQL License expenditures on your  part as we provide the backbone and technology to provide this service. A  url link to oasis-web can reside on "your" web site linking to oasis-web.
oasis-web is Login & Password secured. You control which clients may  access oasis-web through your OASIS System. Each OASIS client is tied in  oasis-web to their unique OASIS Id (Customer Number) in your OASIS  system. Therefore EXXON cannot view TEXACO orders. Setup of "your"  oasis-web clients is painless & basically, automatic. Oasis-web Cloud Help & Reference Manual

oasis-web - Why...

  1. OASIS Shipment Transaction ported to the Cloud.
  2. Management Dashboard Analytics. Accurate Statistical Transaction data.
  3. Receive data in an organized electronic stream.
  4. Provide access to OASIS Shippers, Agents, Consigness, Business  Partners of shipment Tracking Data.

Imagine how these processes can  enhance operational efficiencies by the  reduction of phone calls & emails, faxes.

oasis-web - What...

  1. automatic generated e-mail notifications via oasis-web of shipment  updates / changes.
  2. allow Search / Print Shipment Tracking data locally.
In Development.  Efficient means of processing shipment  RFQ (Request For Quotations) / Bookings to OASIS.