Demo Tutorials

Some Notes:

 Please note that for best performance our Tutorial / Demos rely on browser compatibility of HTML 5. HTML 5 is supported in the  following browsers 
  • Microsoft IE 9 +
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The following Demo / Tutorials are available:

  1. OASIS Main Menu Overview
  2. OASIS Maintenance Menu - Options overview
  3. OASIS Warehouse Module - Retrieving Material Receipts [ MR ]
  4. OASIS Warehouse Bar Code Scanner Processing steps
  5. OASIS ACE / SED Processing steps
  6. OASIS Consolidation [Air] tutorial
  7. OASIS Inbound De Consolidation Tutorial
    1. For OASIS Enterprise versions - Remote site De-consolidation
  8. OASIS Inttra XML Ocean Tutorial
  9. OASIS - Web Integrated Cloud Component
Reference Manuals for OASIS, AccountEx, Oasis Emessaging and oasis-web may be accessed via Document Samples option

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OASIS - Main Menu Overview

4:02 in length - in this tutorial we present the various menus, sub-menus and main features available in the OASIS 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System.

OASIS - Maintenance Menu Overview

4:41 in length - this tutorial demonstates several OASIS Maintenance  options primarily:

  • Company setup
  • billing codes
  • quick overview only

OASIS - Warehouse Module - Processing & Retrieving MR ( Material Receipts )

2:30 in length - Retrieving and Processing Warehouse Recipts (MR's)

OASIS - Warehouse Module - Bar Code Scanning

2:40 in length -  how to scan your Warehouse cargo and process MR out of inventory unto Loading Guides...

Further documentation  on setting up BarCode scanner can be found in 'Document Samples'


4:21  in length - how to process AES/ACE/EDI in OASIS via ACE

OASIS - Consolidation Module

4:39 in length - Main steps in processing Consolidations. In this tutorial we process a typical Air Freight Consolidation. The steps for the Ocean Consolidaation are very similar.

OASIS - Inbound De-Consolidation Module

4:27 in length - in this tutorial we present the various steps required in processing Inbound Cargo.

De-consolidation at remote site

2:47 in length - In this Demo / tutorial we outline steps for An OASIS Enterprise version [ 1 HQ office & one or more remote OASIS sites ] to import data from an Inbound De-consolidation.


4:56 in length - in this tutorial we present the various  processing options in order submit an Oasis B/L via EDI ( or XML/EDI) through INTTRA to selected steamship lines....Select this link To access the INTTRA WEB Site for a list of carriers and other information 

OASIS - Web integrated cloud component

  • All OASIS client site installations are capable of having remote Administrative access to Quotes, Shipment Transactions, Warehousing, billing data in the Cloud. With an additional modest fee OASIS client sites can then offer 24/7/365 access to their customers or business partners (Shippers, Consignee's, Agents)
Please access this link to visit in depth information on Melco Group's oasis-web site.

5:07 in length - This short Demonstration highlights some:
  • oasis-web installation procedures
  • OASIS tracking processing steps
  • limited screen samples