Welcome to OASIS the 'Ocean Air Shipping Information System'

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OASIS an acronym for the "Ocean Air Shipping Information System" is the base module and the heart of the freight forwarding \ transportation software system. It is available in single & multi-user systems. Modules are completely integrated. For example:

  • all contacts (shippers, consignees, Carriers, Agents) in the Rolodex filter into all system modules (Sales call records, Quotations)
  • As quotes are turned into Bookings relevant data is appropriately filtered into the various data fields and forms
  • From that point forward:
    • Warehousing module
    • regular Ocean or Air shipments
    • Ocean / Air Consolidation modules
    • Domestic Air / Trucking module
    • with oasis-web, OASIS customers (Shippers, Consignees, partners) have cloud 24/7 access to their shipment details and automated (FedEx - UPS type) email alerts.
    • ACE - 7512 x12 / Inttra xml and other Edi modules
    • including AccountEx (integrated Accounting)
integrate. OASIS has ‘Look Up’ tables throughout which speed information retrieval; error checking of Port Codes & Dates and is fully integrated with oasis-web.net the OASIS 'cloud' customer & 24/7 tracking module… for details see OASIS Sofware Systems section

Sales & Call Management

OASIS Transaction Activity Screen

SalesPro - a ‘Call Management & Sales" module which allows you to organize all system contacts. You may customize various {Types} of companies such as Shippers, Carriers, Consignees…; {Status} such as Active, Quoted, Pending… ; set Follow Up Dates and so on. You may enter & edit detailed notes which can be assigned to Sales Personnel or employee’s and can be retrieved based on many different criteria such as by ‘Follow Up Date’ or type of ‘Call’. Fully integrated with OASIS documentation engine.

Quotation & Booking front end

OASIS Transaction Lookup Screen

Request For Quotation - Quickly provide quotes and then follow up on them to turn them into sales…

Booking Front End - Organize & search your shipments by multiple criteria such as Carrier, ETD, Cargo Cut Off Date, ETA, POL, POD and more…

Transaction Profile - Categorize your shipments once. Produce 80% of your documents from this "system organizer"…

System Schedules

over 22,000 Schedules A, B, C, D, K, 3 digit IATA World Airports, Carrier Codes, Currency Codes etc., 

Integrated Forms

OASIS Document Options
  • CF7512 -  I.E. form for 'Intransit Cargo'
  • CF7513 - Shipers Export Declaration
  • CariCom - For the production of 'Caribbean Common Market' shipments


  • LaserPro - System Laser generated documents. Over 18 different documents such as
  • Dock receipts
  • AWB & B/L
  • IMO Dangerous Goods Declarations
  • Invoices
  • Delivery Orders
  • Sight Drafts
  • Document Transmittal

and more. Also included at no additional cost...


Balance Sheet Graphic
  • Air & Ocean Consolication
  • Inbound De Consolidation
  • Domestic Air / Trucking
  • Warehousing Module
  • ACE - 7512 x.12 SED electronic filing
  • Inttra - x.12 - XML B/L electronic Filing
  • oasis-web cloud client shipment data and 24/7 cargo and tracking
  • AccountEx Integrated OASIS billing AR, AP, GL, Financials



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